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Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Sites (AKA “Solar Farms”)

Solar Energy Law Firm

Solar Farms are appearing with greater frequency and with broader site selection criteria than at any prior time.  With new legislation from the Virginia General Assembly providing more flexibility to rural localities, this trend seems certain to continue and even expand.  We understand the specific issues that determine a property’s viability for a solar energy project, including the acreage available, the proximity to electrical transmission lines and substations, wetlands requirements, environmental concerns, endangered species protections, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, and land-use regulations.

CPM helps clients with leases, letters of intent, contracts, development, and sale of real property sites for solar farms.  We negotiate long-term leases for property owners and help ensure you have the protections you need in solar farm transactions, whatever type of structure or documents are used.

CPM has extensive experience representing clients on real property development, rezoning and use matters; so we are equipped to help you with the land use, development, acquisition, financing and all aspects of real estate work.


Vast experience in local, state, and federal Solar regulations

Thanks to our successful real estate practice and decades of building relationships with local governments, CPM’s lawyers have experience dealing with local land use and zoning issues, and our clients benefit from our governmental relationships.  There is no favoritism or special treatment here, only a recognition that our attorneys understand the procedures, the issues, and how to translate a situation into an application that can be supported by local government staff and leaders, and that we can be relied upon to be fair and forthcoming while working with localities.  Furthermore, our experience when evaluating obstacles, and considering characteristics specific to a particular site, help our clients to understand applicable local, state and federal regulations.

CPM’s attorneys have a strong record of success when obtaining local and state government approvals, such as rezoning, variances, special exceptions, conditional uses and planned developments in a variety of jurisdictions. We also can assist with permits or reviews from state and federal agencies, such as the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and the Army Corp of Engineers.


Solar Energy Law Firm Experience

CPM has developed a significant level of experience working on various aspects of solar energy projects. Steve’s work on solar energy matters includes:

  • Sales of sites to companies and investor groups investing in solar power.
  • Coordinating with engineering and other consultants to research the viability of a particular site for a solar energy project.
  • Reviewing long-term leases of solar energy sites and Right-of-Way agreements to provide access to transmission lines.
  • Negotiating and drafting purchase agreements and option agreements for solar farm sites, including working directly with solar farm operators and with solar farm developers and aggregators.
  • Assessing land use and zoning requirements for real property sites and the environmental and regulatory concerns associated with the selected sites.
  • Evaluation and counseling regarding the likely response of localities and community groups who may support or oppose such solar farm uses.

Consider Partnering with CPM

CPM offers an ability to operate as a part of your team, or to take control of your consultants and lead the effort required, and we enjoy working in either role. CPM enjoys the economic development aspects of solar energy work, particularly when combined with the technologies involved and the opportunity to participate in environmental stewardship that benefits the Virginia community.


Real estate can be an intimidating area of the law, and can be difficult to understand the overlapping issues and laws, even for experienced and sophisticated landowners, lenders and investors. You do not have to forge ahead alone; reach out to CPM’s real estate attorneys for guidance, experience, and legal skills to get you to a successful real estate project.

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