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Local Counsel

Local Counsel For EDVA

CPM serves as local counsel in the Federal District Court for Eastern District of Virginia, or as many refer to it, the “EDVA.” The Eastern District of Virginia Federal Court has three divisions; Alexandria, Richmond, and Norfolk/ Newport News. The EDVA Local Rules require practitioners from another state or the District of Columbia to be accompanied by a member of the bar of the EDVA in all appearances before the Court.

The Eastern District of Virginia is famous for its speedy trial timeline, often referred to as the “Rocket Docket”. Final civil pretrial scheduling orders will be entered within 90 to 120 days of the initial service (see the local rules) and are typically set for trial within 5 to 8 months of filing. Likewise, non-complex criminal cases are frequently set for trial within the 70-days from indictment under the speedy trial time requirement in 18 U.S.C. 3161. Obtaining competent local counsel equipped to respond within the condensed timelines enforced in the Eastern District of Virginia is critical to case management.

Finally, CPM attorneys understand that cost is often a key factor when pursuing litigation in federal courts. Our firm is quick to identify situations where many Federal courts do not even require local counsel. Further, we diligently work with lead counsel to allow lead counsel to handle as much of the work the law will allow for in an effort to preserve lead counsel’s relationship with the client and keep local counsel costs low.

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