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General Litigation

Representation in all levels of State and Federal courts

CPM’s attorneys have a well-earned reputation in litigation. For decades the firm’s attorneys have successfully handled cases in all levels of State and Federal courts. Our attorneys handle cases as if each one will go to an actual trial, and our attorneys are prepared to do go to trial if necessary. This emphasis on trial-readiness leads to more effective results for clients, because strengths and weaknesses are identified early, addressed, and then used to advantage in the litigation and negotiation processes.

CPM attorneys represent clients in trial and appellate courts at the Federal and State levels, before administrative tribunals, and in arbitrations, and other dispute resolution proceedings. We also help clients with proceedings involving government agencies. Our success as trial lawyers who will and frequently do go to trial, enhances our credibility with government officials and regulators, and our track record of courtroom successes and out-of-court resolutions make us a winning choice for clients. CPM attorneys are always ready to go to trial, but we also use our readiness and reputation as leverage to obtain favorable settlements when possible.


CPM attorneys have successfully litigated a wide range of cases

We are long-term strategic partners with our commercial litigation clients and we take the time to understand their business objectives. Over the decades we have adapted to continually evolving environments, new issues, and new technologies in how cases are litigated, but our core approach to litigation holds steady: we integrate trial court experience, with innovation and versatility, and this enables CPM to find effective solutions and to achieve results that most benefit our clients.

CPM attorneys have handled matters in a wide range of areas. We litigate commercial disputes, business torts, fraud, intellectual property matters, trade secret claims, civil cybercrimes, shareholder/fiduciary litigation, and supply-chain disputes. Examples of matters handled by CPM litigation attorneys include:

  • Contract violation
  • Construction disputes
  • Bad faith insurance denial claims
  • Trademark and trade-secret disputes
  • General personal injury
  • Business disputes
  • Real Estate litigation
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • State tax litigation (representing localities and businesses in tax appeal matter)
  • Consumer protection
  • Local Counsel in the Eastern District of Virginia
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